Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weaving, Upcoming Show, Farm Chores and More!

As a Humane Society volunteer, sometimes I bring my work home.  This is testing Rowdy's patience!

So much has been going on since my last post, which was dedicated to remembering  Cheetah, so there is a lot to blog about this week.

First, I finally got my rug loom all warped up with help from my friend Tari.    So, now I am ready to start weaving!  And of course as soon as I started, I realized that with a 60 year old loom, it is never quite "ready".

front of loom
rear of loom
 While I got most of 2 rugs woven yesterday, I was also troubleshooting and wondering if this loom was worth the trouble.  I ended up quitting when I was almost done because I broke a warp thread and decided it was a good idea to quit before I got too frustrated.  Something I have learned in my almost 50 years of life....mostly the hard way! 

First Alpaca Rug!
Having said all that, I think I will be pleased with these 2 rugs when I get them finished, which will hopefully be this afternoonI put enough warp on the loom this time for only 2 rugs.  I think I could actually put enough on for 4 or 5 at a time.  Warping is the most tedious and time-consuming part of weaving, which is why weavers rarely warp for only 1 project at a time.

I do generally love the weather this time of year.  One can work outside all day in a sweatshirt and jeans and be comfortable.  Our fall has been incredibly dry.  The pond is down 3 feet, the creek is still dry and I am having to water the stud boys from the well because the spring in their pasture has been dry for about 2 months.  I have never had to water them in November!  A huge blessing seems to be that we are not getting infested with ladybugs.  We have had terrible infestations in the house every winter for the last 8 years or so.  I have to vacuum them up constantly and they stink and leave nasty little "trails" all over the walls and windows.  I think the dry weather must have affected them.  My fingers AND toes are crossed!  Usually they move in in mid-October.

I took advantage of the fine weather this past weekend to do some much needed fence repairs.  I would say this needs some work.    So I broke out the shovel, post hole digger, hammer, wire cutters and fence staples  and new fence and went to work.  Fortunately only one post needed replaced.  I haven't used the posthole digger in a while and forgot how much work it is!  Especially as dry as the ground is!

Fence before
New Fence

In just a couple of hours, I had a nice new 50 foot stretch of fence dividing the pasture!  I must say it looks a lot better.  

This weekend is the Ohio Alpaca Breeder's Association's yearly alpaca show, Alpacafest.  This year it is in Springfield, Ohio and I have decided to go and take my new stud boy, Lightning to show.  OABA, of which I am a member, also has a Member Market, which I got started about 2 years ago.  Members who are going to the show bring their Ohio alpaca products and can put them in the Market on a consignment basis.  We had very good success the first year.  I was not involved last year, due to some health problems, but have been feverishly preparing my products to take this year.  I have a selection of hand-dyed and natural colored rovings and yarns, as well as a few hand-knitted and hand-woven items.   I am also entering my recently completed hand-spun cabled sweater and my mystery shawl in the fiber arts competition.  Wish me luck!

On a somewhat humorous note, I got stranded halfway to work one morning last week when I stopped to take some photos of the mist in the valley and the car battery died!  

Gotta admit it is beautiful, even though the photos do not do it justice!


  1. Glad to see some weft on that warp. It looks good. If you don't take off the old warp, a new one can be tied on withoutredoing the heddles and reed.
    good luck at the show and bring home a blue ribbon for that gorgeous sweater.