Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today it FEELS Like Fall

Don't they look sweet and innocent.   Here they were a few minutes earlier.

 Still really nothing but big puppies.

Ah, yes, today it feels like fall.  It is very cool and drizzly and the damp just goes all the way to one's bones.  It feels more like November than the last official week of summer.....

Our good old girl, Ginger, who came to live with us almost 4 years ago at the (supposedly) age of 15, has been having some bladder problems.  We thought she had a urinary tract infection so I took her to the vet almost 2 weeks ago and he put her on antibiotics.   It did not clear up and yesterday when I got a urine sample, it was very bloody, so we did bloodwork, which was normal.  Today, we had X-rays done to check for bladder stones.  I am waiting for the call from the vet, but the tech said stones were not seen.  This means either bladder cancer or possibly a severe infection.  It also means I will probably have another trip to a different vet for an ultrasound.  I suppose if it is cancer, it will be difficult, but Ginger has had a good long run and has had a very happy life with us.  We knew when she came home that her time was limited.  Honestly, we didn't think she would be with us this long and she has been pretty healthy until now.  She's a feisty old gal.


 Tomorrow I head out to Yellow Springs Ohio for the Wool Gathering.  Most of my product is loaded into the truck already, I just need to tag some rugs and pack my clothes.  The weather sounds like it will be great for the festival, highs around 70 and sunny.  I'm looking forward to it!  Here is a batch of yarn I dyed earlier this week.  Very happy with it.  It definitely fits into the autumn color scheme.  Here is another batch I did in the dyebath on the stove. 

Very pleased with this one as well.  The colors came out just like I was hoping!  How often does THAT happen?  

Here are the washed skeins hanging on the towel warmer.  I really prefer to dry the yarn outside, but the weather has been kinda iffy this week  Never know if it's gonna rain or shine.

 I made a "yarn tree" out of a piece of PVC pipe and some dowels and a patio umbrella stand.  The only thing I had to buy was some spray paint.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to photograph it yet because the paint was still wet, but I will get a pic for next week.  It should hold about 30 skeins of yarn and I will display my hand-dyed yarns on it at the show.  I have got several skirted fleeces, beautiful mill-spun yarn from my own alpacas, rovings for hand-spinners, rugs and more.  I have been so busy getting this all ready.  Maybe I'll sell enough to pay Ginger's vet bills!

 No more crias yet.  I think we should have one or two more in the next 10 days, or maybe even all three.  At left is Laci, born a little over 2 weeks ago.  She is doing great and has lots of moxie.  She is what I refer to as a "hoppy-skippy" cria, which is what I like to see.  A hoppy-skippy cria is generally a happy healthy cria. 

Here are some of the spring crias enjoying a mid-September evening.  Notice the trees are still nice and green for the most part.  That will be changing soon, I am sure.

In other news my two sons, Ian and Sam/Zac and Ian's girlfriend, Michelle, all got hired to work at the Grand Canyon on the south rim in the lodges this winter, so they will be leaving Tahoe in a month.  Their plan is to work there this winter and then move to Portland, Oregon in the spring.  Michelle is from Portland and they think it will be a good place to settle for a while.  Christmas at the Canyon?  Hmmmm....

I will leave you  for this week with another version of a chicken picnic:


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