Thursday, December 8, 2011

Indoor Weather is Here

Yup, the couch in the computer room is a favorite spot for Rowdy, especially when I am on the computer.

It seems I don't have much this week.  I forgot to take my camera to the Christmas Festival in Woodsfield on Saturday, so I have no photos from that to share.  It was fun and actually quite busy.  I sold a lot of alpaca socks and bears and a rug and some hand-knit items.  I had some of my yarns displayed, but this is not a yarn-buying crowd.  I was quite pleased with how I did at the festival, though I did not have room to bring in my wheel and do any spinning.  I think next year I will reserve 2 spots and hopefully will have more items for sale.

Sunday was the last day of gun season for now.  There is another weekend before Christmas and then muzzle-loader season in January, but for now it is quieter.  I was told 2 of our Amish friends who stay in our guest house during gun season got bucks, an 8-pointer and an 11-pointer.  I know it is  a badge of honor to get a big buck, but you can't eat the antlers.  We do eat the venison that Sam harvests from our farm every year.  He only takes what we can eat.

On Sunday, I cleaned the  mud room.  It has been needing a good cleaning for some time now, but inside chores take a back seat to anything outdoors when the weather is nice.  So, I cleaned it, and then it rained for 3 days!

This is probably one of my favorite rooms in our house.  Our house has no basement and when we bought  the place, we had only a small and quite creepy utility room, which is now the computer room.  In 2006 we added a 2-story addition to the house, consisting of a mud-room down and a bath and a huge walk-in closet up.  We also added a furnace at that 
 time and central a/c.  

I have kind of cleaned up the mess, but you can see the pile of muddy dog towels in front of the washer.  I was able to get out for a 3 mile walk yesterday, but we had to stay on the roads because it was just too wet to venture into the woods.  The roads are not paved and the dogs were incredibly muddy when we got home.  I have a whole cupboard full of old towels that do double duty as dog and cria  towels.  


What was once the creep utility room then became our computer room.  I love this room now.  Sam made the hardwood floor from a hickory tree that was down on our property.  I love hickory.  I think it is my favorite type of wood .  The color variations make it so interesting.  You can keep your cherry and oak!  


I really can't discuss what is on my looms until after the holidays.  But I am now knitting a pair of socks for myself.  I do love hand-knit socks.  I must admit, these are NOT alpaca.  I bought this skein of washable merino wool yarn from a fellow Aussie owner/Ravelry member,   I love, love the colors!  Very subtle and yet full of color at the same time.  I am also getting the urge to do some dyeing.  I have pounds of white roving just begging to be saturated with color.  This weekend weather forecast is for sunny but cold weather and I MAY get some dyeing time in.  But then again, there is Christmas shopping to do.  I'd rather dye than shop.  Ooh, I need a t-shirt that says that!!


This is a wonderful photo of my older son, Ian and his girlfriend, Michelle.  They are spending the winter working at the Grand Canyon, as is younger son, Sam/Zac.  I will have another Christmas with no kids at home.  So hard, really.  The holidays are all about family and I do miss them.  But, I will get by!


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