Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ice Storm & Rainbows

The dogs have 4 wheel drive and fare better on the ice than we do!

As I feared, my Bee Class was canceled for this past Saturday due to bad weather.  I would not have made it to class had it not been canceled anyway.  It is just disappointing because now the final class will be held the first Saturday in Feb, and I will be out of town and unable to attend.  So this coming Saturday will be my final class.

Our ice storm that came in late Friday night and into Saturday morning was much less severe than it could have been.  We got about a 1/4 inch of ice and most of it was in the form of little ice balls that remind me of those Slurpees we used to get at convenience stores.  So walking was very crunchy and only dangerous on surfaces where the snow had been compacted by cars driving over it.  So the roads were terrible, but our power did not go out and no tree limbs came down.  The animals, horse, alpacas and chickens all pretty much stayed inside on Saturday however.

The hay in the outside hay feeder is like little haycicles.  

As is the grass in the pasture

By Sunday, the sun came out and the temps went up to the 50's and everything thawed.   On Monday, we had periods of rain and sun with lots of wind.  I saw 2 rainbows Monday afternoon and was able to get a photo of the first one as I stepped out onto the front porch.  The second one was over our guest house later that afternoon as the dogs and I went by on our walk.  I did not have my camera.

This week has just been crazy. weather-wise.  Sun, wind, ice, warm days and now once again, relentless torrents of rain.  I think today's rainfall is predicted to be measured in inches.  This means more mud and more poop to scoop in the barn.  Even in winter, I am generally able to keep up with the scooping outside the barn, but this year, it has just not been possible.  The ground has not frozen and the mud and poop are impossible to separate. 

Dogs have to be toweled off every time they come inside from chores or a walk.  I am thankful for my mud room!

I finished knitting the starlight scarf out of the merino/bamboo that I spun from the roving I purchased at the Wool Gathering.  I wanted to add beads to it, but could not figure out how to get them in where I wanted them, so I gave up on the beads.  It came out rather nicely.

  It is hard to get a good photo of.  I guess I should have modeled it and had Sam take a picture.  

Now I am working on the second sock.  Remember that from a few weeks ago?  I should have that completed by next week's post.  I have a friend I promised mittens to, so I think that will be the next project on the needles.

I also finished spinning the Neon Frog yarn for my niece's grandmother.  I actually like it.  It is bright, but has some nice color variation.  This is one of 2 skeins and this one has just about 200 yards, so there should be close to 400 yards altogether.

I have not had much time to spin on the alpaca bamboo batts I did up last week.  I will get to it one of these days.

Here at the office I have measured out warp for 2 rugs.  Just have to get it on the loom.  Might start on that today.  We'll see how the day goes.

Monday I am off to Florida with my mother and her sister.  They have a house rented for the month of February and I will be helping to drive down and then staying a few days.  So next week's post should be from there.  Think it will be raining? 

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