Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Some Summer Rain

Happy wrestling dogs

Life is just moving along as expected for August.  The weather has been hot, but not like it was in July, and a cool off is forecast for this coming weekend.  70's, I believe.  A precursor to fall.  We also enjoyed a lovely day of rain on Sunday, though there was a break long enough in mid-afternoon for me to get the dogs out for a much needed walk.

 We really could use rain a little more often, though.  Our hay fields are in desperate need as are the pastures.  I know, we're never happy, it's either too much or not enough....

I got phone calls from both my sons this weekend.  That was a treat.  Younger son is still at Yosemite and sounds like he will be staying at least through the winter as plans are now.  He says he is tired of moving.  Older son is in Portland, OR and is currently planning to make this his home for now.   I think younger son is planning to visit him in Portland around the time we were trying to plan a trip to see both of them in November, so that might make travel plans easier, though I would like to go back to Yosemite.

Sam has been away since Sunday and should be back this evening.  He went over to western Ohio to help my younger brother, Larry, with a construction project.  So I have been on my own with the dogs and the farm and the business (which is not much these days).  But since I am coming in to the office, I have been getting the dogs out for a 2 mile walk in the mornings to try to make sure Laci is ready for some "down time" while I am gone.  So far she has done very well and I have not come home to any more chewed up shoes or yarn strung throughout the living room.  Of course I have been trying to be better about putting things away as well.


So this morning I took the camera along on our walk since it was a beautiful morning with the sun just coming over the ridge. 

These hay bales are on the neighboring property.

Trees reflected in the pond.

Of course the pond did not stay ripple free for long.

This next photo is the sorghum Sam planted.  I noticed this morning that it is getting some kind of bloom on it.  We have never planted it before, so we had no idea what to expect.  It kind of looks like spindly corn.  We were given the seeds by some local folks who have an evaporator and cook it down into molasses in the fall.  They said if we brought it over, they would run it through.  I'm not sure if we will have enough to bother with, though, due to the dry weather.  But no harm giving it a try.

Speaking of corn, I have had NO sweet corn this year.  Usually, there are Amish in town selling it, but I have not seen it once this year.  I LOVE sweet corn.  

Since I've been at the office so much this week, I finished weaving my 2 red, white and blue rugs.  I took them off the loom yesterday afternoon and still need to finish the ends.  This one will be fringed   

and this one will have a sewn binding.

I finished my maluka shawlette and am pleased with it.  Lovely pattern, but it is kind of small.  If I make it again, I will make it larger.  But it will be very nice to have on display at the Fiber Fair next weekend.  Wow, so hard to believe it is almost here!

2 weeks after the Fiber Fair is our annual Labor Day weekend party and 2 weeks after that is my niece's wedding.  And then we are into fall and all it brings:  festivals, crias, fine weather! 


  1. I really like both the rugs and since I do not know which I like the best I will take them both. Let me know when you get them finished. Glad you heard from the boys and all is well with them.

  2. Hi Cathy! Enjoying your blog and pictures. We will be in Monroe County this weekend for a family reunion - looking forward to that. I am hoping to go to the fiber fest in two weeks so will watch for you there.