Friday, October 12, 2012

First Frost

They're not bothered by a little frost!

 It seems some weeks there is not much of interest to record here, and other weeks, there is almost too much.  This week falls into the latter category.

Sam is off on an elk hunt in Colorado with his brother, but before he left, we had the roof replaced on the guest house.  It was really in need as you may be able to tell from the photo of the rafters, most of which had to be reinforced, so the whole roof had to come off.  It was agreed that the roof likely would not have survived a heavy snow.

 So it is now done and looks much better.   Mom chose green metal and it was a good choice.

And last Friday morning, our final cria of the year arrived.  Peg gave birth to a gorgeous little female cria sired by Sancha's White Lightning.  This would have been our best year ever as far as female crias go if we had not lost two.  We ended up with 3 females and 1 male cria.  I am pleased with all of them.

Over the weekend, I participated in the annual Bethel Harvest Fest, which is a local community's fund raiser for their community center.  I have been attending since 2001 with alpacas.  The weather is either really nice or miserable.  This year Saturday was fairly nice and Sunday was cold and grey with some rain later in the day.  But we stuck it out!  I took Eclipse and Opi, 2 adult males and they were very well behaved.

I sold several pairs of socks and some yarn and a handwoven scarf and of course, teddy bears.  Ate lots of good food.  Nowhere else can you get great chicken and noodles for only $1.50!

So with Sam off on a trip, I need to be in the office every day as well as feed all the animals and get the dogs their exercise.  I really did not mind the extra office time as it enabled me to finally finish up my continuing ed for my real estate license renewal.  Done for another 3 years!  I did knit most of a scarf while working on it!  

It is from my hand-dyed commercially spun alpaca (from my farm) and I used a 300 yard skein, all of it.  I need to block it to make it lacy.  I'll post a photo of it once I do that.  It will look quite different. But I love how the colors work up in a knitted product.

Frost on the Alpaca!

Once again I took a lot of photos this week and can't post them all here.  But we had our first hard frost Thursday morning and so I took the camera along on my morning chores.  I also took the dogs for an extra walk down the road since I knew I would be gone all day and Lacy really, really needs a lot of exercise.  The sun was coming up over the ridge and it just makes for such nice lighting.  

You've likely heard of frost on the pumpkin, around here it is frost on the alpaca.

I love these hay bales in my neighbor's field with the frosty weeds and the sun striking the fall leaves in the background.  

And here is yet another shot of the maple trees in the yard.  I am afraid that by next week they will be about bare.

Here is a link to a video I posted of Rowdy and Lacy having what I call "Dog Races" in my living room.  It happens at least twice a day.  Cracks me up!


  1. Oh my does that cria look like Lightning did!!

    You have had more of a frost than we have, it's been cold, but not that frosty cold (yet).


  2. Suck lovely alpacas--even in the frost! Yes, autumn is definitely here.