Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Forward to the New Year

The end of the year has brought a couple of snowfalls, the most recent this past Saturday  morning, where we awoke to a good 4" on the ground and snow still coming down.  It looks so peaceful

The snow seems to muffle the sounds, or maybe it is just that early on a snowy  morning there is little extraneous noise, and the quiet is wonderful.   The dogs and I enjoyed our walk down the road to feed the alpacas. 

 We also had to go up and uncover the entrance to the new beehive so the bees can come and go as needed.

The hive entrance is only about 4" off the ground and the bees actually do need to be able to leave the hive in the winter on "cleansing flights".  Yes, even bees have to poop.  And they don't like to do it in their home. 

Sam's idea of playing in the snow is a little different than mine.  Probably more constructive as well.

With cold temps and snow on the ground, it has been good weather to stay inside by the fire and knit.  I got all my Christmas knitting done and have been working on a sweater for myself.  I could not post n\my Christmas photos prior to sending them out, but now I can.

 I made 3 of these orange and white hats for my 2 nephews and one for my brother.  And Sam saw me knitting them and said that he would like one, but in Ohio State colors (and I had thought my holiday knitting was done!).  So I made this one for him

He said he did not need his name on his.

I also made socks for my sister-in-law (below) as well as another pair for my son Ian's girlfriend.  All my Christmas knitting has been done with "superwash" wool yarn, which is wool that has been treated so it can be machine washed without shrinking.  It just makes it easier for the recipients of gifts not to have something they have to hand wash.

The snowy weather kept my mother from driving over here the day after Christmas, so instead, I plan to go visit her tomorrow (Jan 1) and stay for a few days.  Fingers are crossed that the weather does not interfere with plans once again.

On the 8th of January, very late, our younger son, Sam/Zac/Satchmo arrives at the Pittsburgh airport from Yosemite.  The lodge he works at closes for the month of January and so we are delighted to have him come home for a couple weeks, though I know he will be off to various other locations in Ohio to visit college friends.  It has been almost 3 years since he was home last!  Rowdy will be so happy to see him.  So will Carter.  Have I mentioned that Carter is happy to see everyone?  

There are other things to look forward to in 2013 and maybe I will write about upcoming events in my next post.  Until then, Happy New Year!
This yarn needs dyeing!!


  1. Happy New Year! O-H! GO BUCKS!

  2. You have more snow than we do! It's been cold and we've had a few flakes but all the accumulation has been missing us. I would have liked a white Christmas.