Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wet July Weather

I think the weatherman said yesterday that we were into our 15th day of at least some precipitation daily.  Mostly we seem to get it in big doses.  I have to say that while I certainly appreciate rain in July and the benefits it provides for the growth of crops and hay and the water levels in the pond and creeks, I think we have had about enough for now.  I don't write much about my volunteering at our local no-kill shelter because it does not have to do with the farm, but there have been 3 times in the last month that I have had to go over to the shelter and help mop up scoop up, etc mud and flood water in the building.  We are a very small organization operating on a very small budget and it is difficult.  We need to put out some money and make some major improvements to prevent this in the future.  Last night was one of those times.

6:45 pm July 9
At least here at home the flood waters do not get into the buildings.  Our creek is subject to flash flooding but it is on a steady downhill route to the Ohio River, so as soon as the rain lets up, the flood waters begin to subside rather quickly.  In the photo to the left, Grover is near our footbridge and the bridge we drive over is just a ripple as it is entirely submerged.

a few minutes later

Now the end of the footbridge is under water and the water is quite close to the chicken house.  They were already on their roosts for the night.

And you know it's bad when the water snakes are heading for high ground, or up a tree as in this guy's case!  He's a good 4-footer.   He didn't seem too happy about me getting in his face for a photo, either, but it was getting too dark to use the zoom.

So by 9:15 when I got home from the shelter and had an opportunity to get the dogs our for a very wet hike down the road, most of the water had receded, though I could see in the dim remaining light that our hayfields were still partially submerged and part of our road was under water where a culvert had clogged up with debris.  There was a lot of debris on top of our bridge once the water went down, as well as a whole tree trunk wedged up against it.  But no major damage.

Sam has been working on getting some wood in for winter.  He cut up one tree that came down in last June 29th's derecho storm and has it stacked in front of the house.  Having been down a year it is nice and dry.  Then he started on a huge red elm that came down last month across the road and was just cut enough to get it off the road until he could get to it and cut it up.  He had a good start on it but then Saturday our neighbors, Rick and Deb showed up to help finish it up.  Sam hauled the splitter to the tree and we had Rick's pick-up and our little white truck and we made 4 truckloads and it's all stacked.  That was one big tree!  So there is a good start to a winter's worth of stove wood.  I should mention that once the last of the wood was stacked, it began to rain (surprise) and the 4 of us sat on the deck in the rain and enjoyed rum runners and beer.  Well-deserved.  Rick and Deb went home with a pint of honey and a dozen eggs.

I believe last week I was about finished clearing out the area between the fenceline and the creek.  Here is a photo of how it looks now.  Over 500' of fence clear (more or less) of multiflora roses and weeds.  It is such a good feeling.  I am still working on my hiking trail since the weather has conspired to keep me from getting up there.  I'd rather not be working on it when the footing is not the best (ie wet).  

Next week I will probably not be posting as I am going to be traveling once again.  This time I am attending a knitting retreat in Nashville, TN.  It is called the Super Summer Knittogether (or SSK) and is put on by 2 young women who have a videocast that I watch, the knitgirllls  It should be a great time.  I am taking 2 classes while I am there and will spend several days just hanging out with other knitters and spinners and having fun.  Plus, I have never been to Nashville and am looking forward to that. 

As for my knitting and spinning, I have just finished the shawl/scarf I posted photos of last week, but forgot to photograph it, so watch for it next time.  In the next few days I need to cast on several projects to take with me to the retreat since I am not sure what exactly I will want to work on while there.  I am also plying off 2 bobbins of white alpaca I have spun for the proposed woven blanket.  I need the empty bobbins to take with me since one of the classes I am taking is a spinning class.  I am kind of anxious to see what kind of yardage I get from these bobbins.  I also have my second bobbin of black alpaca about 1/2 full. 


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  1. Hi Kathy! I am still enjoying your posts so much. Have fun at SSK! I went to the Zombie Knitpocolypse sponsored by the Stockinette Zombies last month. Do you watch their podcast? I had a great time and I know you will do the same at SSK. Life has gotten in the way of my knitting and spinning lately, but I finally got some spinning in this week. I am knitting the border on a Piper's Journey and have a sock and a half on my needles too. I'll be anxious to hear about SSK. Best wishes!