Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

Morning pasture
Yes, it seems to finally be here.  It has been good outdoor weather most of the week, though a little cooler than last week and we have had some rain.  The rain, followed by the sunshine, just makes the green pop out everywhere.  I love it.  Unfortunately the first things that leaf out and turn green are the multi-flora roses.  They are an introduced species, I believe originally brought in to be used as natural fencing.  Which they are good at.  But they are very invasive and will take over a hayfield, creeping in slowly from the edges. They can get very large and formidable.  They grow long whip-like branches with thorns that are quite painful. 
We spend a lot of time trying to eradicate them.  They seem to have a life of their own and as I cut one part, another long whip will attack or stick to my clothing.  This is work best done in winter when one can wear heavy coveralls.  In a few weeks, the roses will bloom briefly all over the woods and give off a lovely fragrance.  Its not worth it.

Another pest however departs the first week of April.  At least they depart from my house and move back outside where they belong.  This would be the dreaded Asian Ladybug  which I have been vacuuming up by the thousands from my walls, windows and floors since they moved in in October.  I am glad to see the end of them.  I can now sit in bed once again and read with a light on without being dive bombed.  Have I mentioned I hate them?  And whoever introduced them to the US....

My herb garden is ready for new plants.  I have some herbs started in a little tray on my kitchen windowsill.  

 I have run the tiller in the garden and plan to plant some lettuce and maybe some beets tomorrow.  I can hardly wait to have fresh lettuce for salads!

 This bucket is hanging in the male alpacas' building.  Can you see where a little wren has made a nest in it?  Under where the green baling twine is?  There are eggs in there and mama bird flies out every time I come to feed the boys.  This bucket was used when the water trough froze this winter.  It is a heated bucket when plugged in.  I'm not sure this is the smartest place to have a nest!


 See the bucket?  It is a nice dry spot, but easily bumped.  I guess I cannot yet put it away for the summer......

Work continues on the kitchen.  Sam finished the drywall and I primered the walls and re-painted the ceiling.  Mom plans to come next week and we will paint and then it will be time to do the tile flooring.

Grover and I have had 2 agility classes now.  The second one was more fun than the first.  I know I had fun and I think he did as well.  He and I will be running in a 5K this Saturday morning.  Looking forward to that!

No new fiber-y stuff this week.  Too much outdoor time.  Here are some photos of my world this morning!

A low flying plane  got the dogs' attention       

I love this willow tree behind my neighbor's barn.  It is starting to turn yellow green with new buds. 

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