Thursday, March 26, 2015

Must Be Spring......

Because dogs are in the pond.

And finally, the spring peepers are peeping!  Last night around 6 pm I walked up past a little cat-tail filled frog pond which is on the hill above the house, and can be heard from the house.  Up close to it, the sound was almost deafening!  SO many peepers, peeping their little hearts out.  Celebrating spring, peeper fashion.

I have also seen some tiny yellow wildflowers along the side of the road, and we've had a couple days in the 60's.  And 60 degrees is enough for dogs to want to swim. 

Otherwise, we are kind of in a holding pattern around here.  Just waiting for the weather to be warm enough to start the outside spring work.  We have garden planting, alpaca shearing, bee preparation, yarn dyeing, and possibly a couple new crias to watch for.  As well as cleaning up the yard and around the house and the rest of our daily chores.  I still have to finish cleaning the maple syrup stuff:  the pan and the bucket lids are on the back deck waiting for it to be warm enough on a day I am home to get outside and scrub them.  Waiting, patiently waiting.......

 Meanwhile, I am knitting on a sweater.  It won't be done in time to wear this year, I hope.  

And I finished the towels I took off my small loom well over a month ago.  I had sewing machine issues and had to order a new part. I have kept a couple of these for myself and the other 2 are for sale in the gift shop at the Monroe Arts Center.

My mathematical skills (or lack thereof) failed me on my rugs.  I finished up rug #1 and realized there is not enough warp left to weave another rug.  I am more than a bit irritated with myself.  But I will use some of the plentiful scraps of rug yarn I have and just make a chair pad or dog crate pad or something.  What makes me even more nervous about this is that I am starting a project on my small loom for which I am totally "winging" the pattern and I hope my calculations will be better.  I am always learning.

The Monroe Artist's April Art Show starts next week and I plan to enter a rug and a shawl into the textiles category.  Then they are having a photography show in May and I am entering a few photos in that as well.  


  1. Cathy, you're setting a high standard for this still novice weaver. Great looking towels!

  2. I am jealous of your peepers! But you give me hope.