Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trials and Tribulations

Rowdy was being his typical photogenic self this morning.   


Speaking of Rowdy, the laceration under his eye is almost healed up, just as I thought it would be.  He just has a line where there is no hair.  I am very relieved it has healed so well and I will NEVER leave a wheelbarrow where it does not belong again.  

So, our trial this past weekend was fraught with tribulation.  I was in Dayton, in a new place and pretty much in a new level in standard, since we had only had one run in excellent previous to this trial.  So maybe my nerves contributed to our crummy showing.  Maybe.  Probably.  Though another contributing factor was likely the fact that Grover really had had no exercise since Thursday evening, or at least exercise like he is accustomed to having.  Anyway, our first run on Saturday was around 12:30 pm and it was pretty much a disaster, debacle, whatever.  It all went off the rails at the weave poles and then Grover bounced off the table a couple times and went to investigate the judge as he was giving us our table count.  The dog has to jump up onto the table and stay while the judge counts down slowly from 5.....The judge was pretty close by and counting loudly.  Yeah, we need to practice that.  We were redeemed in open jumpers, though, later that afternoon, with a qualifying run and a first place .  Our first leg of our open jumpers title.   Sunday's X Std run was better than Saturday's but no Q.  And Sunday's jumpers was as bad as Saturday's std.

 <<<< This is our Excellent Standard course from Sunday.  I have marked the obstacles, except the jumps, and put in arrows to make it easier to see what sequence we had to follow.  As a handler, I have 8 minutes, along with everyone else, to walk the course and memorize it and plan how I will run it.  My dog will not see it until we are called into the ring for our turn.  There were 20 obstacles in this course.  At the excellent level, we are allowed no mistakes.  Grover and I are not at the no mistakes level just yet.  But we'll work on it.

We will be enjoying the first corn from our garden this evening, along with BLTs with tomatoes from our garden.  We have managed to keep the raccoons from returning,  so far.  I hope they continue to stay away.  I think Sam and I will be eating a lot of corn in the next week or so.  Can't let it go to waste and I'm not sure there is enough to freeze.  

Meanwhile, the squash and pumpkins are taking over.  They have grown through the fences into the agility practice field.  I thought this squash flower along with the weeds and huge squash leaves was pretty.

Cria shenanigans.  Always cute.  This is Trillium's cria.  She continues to nurse from both her mother and her great-grandmother.  She's a pistol.

Here are the 5 girls in the pasture across from the guest house.  They have an acre and an 8' X 16' run in building for shelter.  Can you notice that the floor in this building is spotless?  These girls have not fouled this building in years.  The 3 males have a building a little bigger than this and it looks like a pit toilet and smells like one, despite constant scooping.  That's why they will never get moved into this pasture.  Once someone starts eliminating in the building, they will all do it.  

The only project I have finished in the past week is this pair of socks.  I have a pair of fingerless mitts on the needles now using yarn leftover from a sweater I knit from my alpaca/wool handdyed yarn.  I need to knit up several pairs of mitts if I can before winter.  They sell quite well at the Christmas Festival and are very quick to knit.  I am also in the process of warping my big loom for a gift project, so I'll share that when I can.

Upcoming events for Sept: our Annual Labor Day weekend party, which will be at the farm on Saturday Sept 5 starting around 3 pm.  If you are reading this, you are invited.  On Sept 6th, Sam leaves for a hunting trip in Idaho.  On the12th and 13th, Grover and I have a trial in Zanesville.  On Sept 19th and 20th, I will be a vendor at the Wool Gathering    in
Yellow Springs Ohio.  Looks like September will be a busy month for me.  

What a face!

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