Thursday, January 14, 2016

They're Gone

On Saturday morning Sam and I loaded 12 of our alpacas onto a trailer and sent them to Tennessee.  The barn seems so empty.  But all went well and they arrived at their new home safely.  I hope they do well there.  

Meanwhile, I still have the big dogs out there guarding their 3 senior female alpacas and the 2 boys down the road.  I'd like to find a new home for the dogs, but I want to see if I can get some weight off Star first.  I think now that there won't be 20 alpacas to clean up after I may finally be successful at that.  Both dogs vacuum up any little scrap of feed that hits the floor.

Our weather took quite a turn on Tuesday.  The photo above is the view of the state highway from my office window in late morning.  There was barely a dusting of snow when I left home and by the time it stopped snowing about 2 pm, I think there was about 5 to 6" here in Woodsfield.  The temperatures also dropped overnight and we had a low of -6 on Wednesday morning with frozen pipes (as usual).  I spent a lot of time with a hairdryer on Wednesday thawing them out.  

Not much else is new.  I am leaving Monday to go to Portland for 5 days so I wanted to be sure to get a quick post up before then.  Over the weekend I did some dyeing:

My 2 lightest colors are a bit too close.  I may have to dye another skein.  Otherwise I am pleased with how this came out.  It is warp for a big project.

Speaking of warp, just today I finished the weaving on 2 alpaca rugs and took them off the loom.  I used color in the warp and then did solid white and solid grey for the weft.  These weave up very quickly with soild color weft, no cutting and measuring for stripes required.

Check out my hat I knit for my trip to Portland next week:

I just finished it and I plan to put a big pompom on top, even though I am not usually a pompom kind of girl.  This is a free pattern on Ravlery,  the baa-ble hat
and I used leftovers from other projects to knit it.  It was very quick. 

  See, the hat is knit with some of the same yarn as the sweater I am wearing today!

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