Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May is Here

I have to say that, though it has been rather cool, the wildflowers have been spectacular this spring.  We had a very warm few days, but then the cool weather and rainy days have set in, which is more typical for this time of year I think.  The trees are leafing out and everywhere I look in the woods there are tiny colorful flowers and green, green green.

Just after my last post, Grover and I ran in our April agility trial.  It was a 3 day trial.  Our first day was our best.  We got second place and our Novice title in FAST first thing in the morning and then got first place and our Excellent title in standard.  I consider that a success.  So for Saturday we moved up to Open FAST and Masters standard.    The FAST class is always first thing in the morning and I have been entering it to get Grover out and on the course before the standard class in an effort to get some of the crazy out of him.  It really does seem to help make that standard run a little better.  Unfortunately, we did not Q again all weekend, but our other runs were pretty good, except for Sunday's standard run which was terrible (no FAST class on Sunday).  It was our first run of the day and Grover often does not do well on the first run.  But in all I was pleased with the majority of our runs.  I have entered a trial in June in the Cincinnati area and will know next week whether I get in or not.  If they have too many entries they will draw to see who gets in.  We are not trialing in May.  I wanted to go to a trial in Pennsylvania, but could not find anyone to room with, so decided against going.  That's ok.  There's a lot to do this month already.  
This Saturday our dog club is holding an Obedience Trial in Marietta and while we are not entered, I will be there all day Saturday to work.  I have never seen an obedience trial, so it will be new to me.

I have planted more lettuce and beets and  swiss chard in the garden.  I have tomatoes and peppers and herbs started in pots.  We are already enjoying the lettuce Sam planted under the cold frame as well as aspargus.  Sam picked some wild ramps last week and we have had those with the asparagus and in salads.  They are very good.  Kind of garlic-y/onion-y in flavor.  Sam has been quite disappointed in the lack of morels this spring.  He has found very few. 

We need to get our 5 alpacas shorn and may do that Sunday if the weather is good.  This will be such a change, even from the 20 or so we sheared last spring.  We will finish in only about 3 hours, start to clean-up.  I suggested going through our combs and cutters and using the worst ones and then just throwing them out instead of sending them out for sharpening.  I am sure we have some that we could do that with.  

Our son's wedding is only a little over 4 weeks away.  I have been busy figuring out hotels and car rental, etc.   Part of the pre-wedding festivities include the wedding party attending a Portland Timbers soccer game on June 1st, so I even ordered Timbers T-shirts for Sam and me so that we can be in the spirit.  It should be fun.  I am really looking forward to it.

I have a couple of rugs on my big loom here at the office.  I should get those off today or tomorrow and then I think I will weave a  rug that is not alpaca.  I found a pattern in a magazine and I think I have what I need to make it, so I shall.  Always fun to try something new.

I am almost done with the top part and sleeves of the lace sweater I am knitting.  I plan to take this to Oregon with me at the end of the month, and I am on track to be finished.  I really like how it is turning out.

This is how things often look on our stairs at home.  The boys are keeping an eye on the driveway because you never know when someone might show up:
And oddly enough they find this a comfortable place to sleep.



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