Thursday, April 5, 2018

April's Here, But it Sure Doesn't Feel Like It!

Sadly I have no cute dog or pony photos this week.  First, I have been away from home a lot due to some family issues, and second, the weather has not been at all conducive to carrying a camera around outside.  We have had rain and snow and more rain and the temperatures have been everywhere from the mid 20's to the mid 50's over the last couple of weeks.  And there has been wind.  So really somewhat typical March weather.  Why is it I always think March means springtime?  But it really is April....
I took several photos Tuesday morning as we were once again being inundated with heavy rain.  This rain was falling on ground that was already saturated from previous days of rain.  In the photo above, the big bridge, which has suffered serious damage this winter, can still be seen but is almost under water.  A few minutes later, it is entirely submerged.

There are cascades of water running down the hill behind the house (and across the road and...).  The water was up into the chicken yard.  The small structure with the green roof on the left is the chicken coop.

By late Tuesday afternoon, the rain had stopped and the sun was even peeking out from time to time.  On Tuesday evenings I drive about 45 miles each way to Parkersburg WV for agility class with Grover.  It usually takes me just under an hour over township, county and state roads.  I travel through 4 counties and 2 states.  I knew there was likely to be high water and maybe some road wash outs when I left a little early for class.  I also had some errands I wanted to run before class in Marietta.  I took a detour to avoid the township roads I thought might be in bad shape, only to find a "Road Closed" sign when I got to the state highway.  So I backtracked to a county road and took it several miles to another state highway which took me back to the one with the closed sign, but several miles further  to the south, knowing I would avoid one specific spot prone to flooding.  Once back on track, I drove through one short stretch of water over the road, maybe 20' wide, a few miles on.  After another couple of miles, I came around a bend and saw nothing but water for probably 300 yards.   I was driving a big 4 X 4 pick up truck, but that was it.  I figured if the road was flooded here, it would be even worse farther ahead.  I backed up until I could turn my truck around and Grover and I headed for home.  I was gone for over an hour and covered more than 50 miles and ended up where I started.  I found out after the fact that the state highway I was on was closed for its entire distance in Noble county, which is probably 15 miles of my usual route.  

Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that the beavers down the road on the national forest land are no longer in residence.  About a month ago, the rain washed out part of their dam, draining the pond.  In the past, they have been quick to repair these breaches and this time I have seen no such work being done.  I don't know if they moved somewhere else or if something happened to them.  It makes me very sad.  I know I only actually saw the beavers 3 or 4 times over the last 3 years, but watching what they did was fascinating.  They had turned what was a neglected, overgrown hayfield into a wetland environment complete with new types of wildlife.  I will continue to watch for their return.

Grover and I have an agility seminar coming up this Saturday, near Columbus, after which we will go to spend a few days with my mom.  Then next Friday we will return to the same venue for just one day of an agility trial.  We will also attend our club's 3 day agility trial in Zanesville the weekend of April 20, 21, and 22.  And on the 24th of April, I fly back out to Oregon, hoping to meet my new grandson, who is due right around that time.  This month is going to be very busy!  It is such an exciting time for my family.

I finished weaving the Pendleton selvedge rugs I was planning when I posted last.  They went very quickly with those selvedges and were really fun to weave.  I love how they came out .  Aren't the colors wonderful?  These are Grand Canyon and Crate Lake national park blanket colors.   Both my sons and my daughter-in-law spent one entire winter on the south rim of the Grand Canyon working in the lodges there a few years ago.  Ian and his wife have also been to Crater Lake, so there is some significance besides the colors being fabulous.  .  Both rugs are 28" wide and one is 48" long and the other 42".  I need to sew the hems on the ends and they will be ready to use.  I will be taking one with me to Oregon in a couple weeks for son Ian and the other will be sent to California to son Sam/Zac/Satchmo. 

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