Friday, February 19, 2010


The last couple of weeks have been an uncommonly snowy for this part of Ohio. We generally get a few inches at a time and then it melts and we get a few more inches, which then melts. You get the picture. We probably have had about 18" of snow in the last 2 weeks or so, and most of it is still with us. It can be pretty, especially when the sun is out, but it makes daily chores around the farm a bit more difficult. Gates and exterior barn doors are stuck open, making it hard to shut the alpacas in if I need to. Pasture gates have to be forced open so I can squeeze through. We are having to move hay bales around with the tractor since our little 4WD utility truck would bog down in the snow. And once this melts......MUD!

My husband, Sam, and I went to Pittsburgh on Saturday, the day before Valentine's Day. It is about a 2 hour drive for us. My cousin and his wife live there and his sister and her husband were in town for the weekend, so we all went out to dinner. It was very nice. The weather even cooperated!

The weather has not been severely cold. Mostly in the 20's, which is better than single digits or below zero, which it seems we often get a couple of days of this time of year. But we are still waiting for the warm up so we can start tapping maple trees. I think we are going to set 20 taps and see if we can get enough sap to produce a gallon of syrup and see how that goes. I would really like to produce 3 gallons this year, but it will depend on how our system works out. This is our first year to try this, so we don't want to be too ambitious. Ideally we want days in the 40's and nights below freezing. Should be happening soon.

I have finished spinning the yarn for my sweater and started working on it. I might spin up the rest of the fiber, though, since there is not that much left. I also finished the pair of mittens I was working on. I don't have any photos yet.

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