Thursday, February 25, 2010

March is almost here!

But meanwhile, it continues to snow and be colder than usual! Our local paper says we have had 31 inches of snow so far and more is in the forecast for the next couple of days.

I was having fun outside after evening chores and made a "picket fence" using huge icicles that I broke off the back of the garage. Of course, you can see we also had many on the front porch as well. How cool it would have been had I been able to light those up at night!

I did finally manage to get barn doors to close,
so most of the alpaca herd has had their monthly wormer shots. It's amazing how quickly I can inject 35 animals by myself once I have them confined in a small space. I still have the 7 adult males to do.

Sam got the electric fencer hooked up so that my 25 year old horse is no longer going to visit the neighbors, which is good. Even though Rowdy does love to herd him home.

Sam said he tapped a maple tree in the yard today just to see how it went. Nothing. Too cold still. I figured we would be tapping trees 2 weeks ago, but we need days above freezing and we just haven't had more than one or two.

I dyed some more roving last week. I think it came out
beautiful and is for sale on line in my etsy shop, which I have not had much luck with yet. I call this colorway Tangerine Dream. I won't mind spinning it myself if it doesn't sell.

Otherwise, I am working on my 100% alpaca cabled sweater in a light fawn color. It will be beautiful, I think. It seems I always start on a sweater in late winter and then have to wait until fall to wear it. That's ok!

Saturday I go to Buffalo NY to pick up my younger son, Zac. He is bringing home his belongings and moving back to California. So Tuesday, I drive him to Columbus and put him on a plane. He is a chef at a lodge out at Yosemite, so I think he will owe me a wonderful meal while he is at home!

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