Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Arrives!

March has come in with calmer weather, although February went out with a bang. We got another 6 to 8 inches of snow on Friday the 26th, but since then we have seen the sun and much of the white stuff is finally melting!

I went Saturday the 27th to Buffalo to pick Zac up. He had been there since October and was heading back out to California this week, so needed all his "stuff" brought home. I took him to Columbus to the airport early Tuesday morning, so he is now back at Yosemite at Evergreen Lodge.

Sunday around noon we had a little excitement when our chimney caught fire. The fortunate things were that this happened during the day and while we were home, so the fire department arrived in time to put out the fire before any real damage could be done to the house. It could have been devastating. Thank you to the Graysville VFD!

The weather has finally turned warm and the sap is running! Sam has tapped a few trees and is doing up our very first batch of maple syrup today. It will likely only amount to about a pint, but we are starting out small and hope to figure out what will work better for more production next year.

I am excited that I have ordered a new spinning wheel! It was listed on Craigslist in Washington state and is a Rick Reeves Frame wheel. I already have one of Rick's wheels and they are collectible pieces of functional art, each signed by the artist, as is appropriate. Once I get it,
I will post photos.

I am still working on my cabled alpaca sweater, but have also joined a "Mystery Knit-a-long". I have never done one of these before. It is through Ravelry and basically, you sign up and are told w
hat the item you will be knitting is. In this case, it is a lace circular shawl (I love to knit lace shawls). Once you sign up, every 2 weeks the KAL host e-mails you a new part of the pattern. So you never see what the finished product will look like until the end. I have ordered yarn for it from KnitPicks in a hand-dyed blue colorway and will also need to order beads, but will wait til I get the yarn. It just sounds like so much fun!

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  1. What a fun and cool site, Cathy. Your knitting is just beautiful.