Thursday, March 21, 2013

Waiting for Spring!

Grover has been signed up for obedience classes.  Hopefully we will start in May
It's kind of like when I was a kid, waiting for Christmas, only the difference is the calendar SAYS it's spring, but it ain't.  18 degrees here this morning and it hasn't warmed up much as of yet.  The poor little peepers were singing their hearts out a few days ago and hopefully haven't frozen!  I am looking around the farm while I do my chores all bundled up in my coveralls and thinking about projects I will start once the weather decrees spending days outside instead of inside.  I will have to make a list because otherwise, many of those projects will never happen.  Good intentions and all that.....


I did get another batch or 2 of yarn dyed up this past week.  I think 2.  I'm up to 4, which means 2 more to go.   The yarn to the right is more orange than the photo shows.

Here are the 4 together .

 I got a nice shot of Chiquita Margarita this morning.  Chiquita is one of our original alpacas and came to live with us as a 6 month old back in 1999.  She will turn 15 this year and has had 12 crias for us.  2012 was the first year she did not have a cria and we did not try to breed her for a 2013 cria.    She has earned her retirement and life of leisure.

I finished up the hat I was knitting to donate to our Humane Society fundraiser, which is this weekend.  It is not alpaca, but wool and made from leftover yarn from last year's project.  I think the hat came out very nice, though it is much too large for my head.  

So now I am knitting what will be an "infinity" scarf with the purple yarn above for a sample for the show I am doing in a couple weeks.  Once I get that done I can move on to  more fun things.  Just in time for outdoor weather to start.

My rugs are not yet off the loom.  I have had limited time due to work and things like dental appointments.  But I am running short on time, so maybe I can get them done this afternoon.



  1. I love the yarn!!! beautiful colors.

    And the hat!! lovely


  2. Thanks Cara! I have never had so much to dye at once before. 8 skeins of each colorway, or 2 pounds. This is 2-ply sport weight and is gorgeously lofty feeling. I have more fiber being processed into a 3-ply worsted weight right now. Can't wait to see that. BTW, Lightning's fiber is in this batch. :)