Wednesday, December 10, 2014

All's Quiet.....

I say all is quiet, but that's because there is a lot behind us now.  For instance, this past weekend, I had a dinner for the Humane Society to attend on Friday evening, then I was at the Woodsfield Christmas Festival all day on Saturday and on Sunday I went to Parkersburg for the POTC Christmas party.  And last week was gun season for deer here in Ohio, which means that I came to work an extra day so Sam could be out with the rest of the guys.  It was a miserable week weatherwise, with lots of rain, so the hunting was not very successful.


The Christmas festival seemed well attended despite the rain.  I sold a lot of alpaca socks and not much else, but that's ok.  I set up some of my yarn and of course had my rugs for sale, including these 2 new ones I finished up last week, but don't usually expect to sell that stuff.  I really like the way these rugs came out.  One is 42" long and the other is 45" long.  Both 28" wide.  I plan to start measuring out warp for more rugs today.  I am still debating what I will do colorwise however.

For the POTC party, we did a gift exchange and since it is a dog club, most gifts were dog related.  I knit a hat with a paw print design and made up a gift bag with a dog toy, a dog drying towel and a canvas basket with dog embroidery on it.  I hit Home Goods on Black Friday and got great deals.  


I am really pleased with the finished hat and plan to make myself one with the same colors, but reversed, after all the holiday knitting is done, which it mostly is!  

 I also have a sweater I started that I allow myself to work on a little bit once I finish a holiday project.  Lots of cables.  I'm using a commercial alpaca/wool blend yarn, Berroco Ultra Alpaca, which I made a sweater from a couple years ago that I wear all the time. 

Christmas is only a couple weeks away now.  I have sent off a box to my brother's family in Arizona and still have to put together the box for my boys and Michelle out in Oregon.  I should probably send a little something to my new grand-nephew in Toledo also. 

Rowdy is back on the meloxicam and it just does wonders for him.  We are trying it every other day to see how that works out and it seems to be working pretty well.  Dr. Dyce, the orthopedist, recommended having blood work done in January to check for liver issues and I will certainly be doing that.  I broke out 2 brand new flippy floppers and they are hanging inside the mud room door and they are getting some good use.  I throw to the right for Grover and to the left for Rowdy and usually they each go for their own.  Sometimes, they go for the same one but Grover is faster, so he is most often the victor in those cases.  Sam is the best thrower and Rowdy will often refuse to go unless Sam throws for him.  Sam can throw it low flat and fast and Rowdy chases and does not have to jump for those.  Really cool to watch. 

Here's another interesting fungus.  I need to put the zoom lens on my camera and try to get a better photo.  This is up high on a tree on a fairly steep bank above the road.  I love it because it looks like a flower in bloom, a rose or a peony.  If we get a sunny day soon I will try to get a better shot.

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