Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Time

After what seemed like (I think it really was) weeks of gloomy weather, we enjoyed a couple of days of beautiful sunshine this week.  And with it, some warm temps.  I think it is supposed to be in the 60's today, much too warm to have a white Christmas tomorrow.

1990 or 1991
Tomorrow is indeed Christmas.  I will be glad when the barrage of Christmas shopping commercials are over.  I am glad I don't actually have to deal with the traffic and everything else that goes along with the craziness of the commercialized holiday season.  Or maybe I would enjoy it more if I could participate.  I just don't think so.  I will enjoy going to Sam's folks' tomorrow for our annual Christmas dinner.  Its always nice to see our niece and I think she will be there.  Its just not the same once the kids are grown and moved away.  

Grover and I are entered in our second agility trial this weekend.  It is again at the Fieldhouse in Zanesville and it is just Saturday and Sunday this time.  We are running in both novice standard and novice jumpers both days.  We will be staying overnight instead of driving back and forth.  I am not as nervous this time as the first time, at least not yet.  We have had the opportunity to practice some this week, which is good.  The ground is really soft, though, so our weave poles are leaning every which way after each run through.  I'm looking forward to getting back to classes in a couple of weeks.

 Sam and I went over and checked out the beaver pond on Sunday.  It has really expanded.  They have dammed the creek in 3 places and what used to be a field is slowly becoming a marsh.  This is on Wayne National Forest and there is really nothing close by that could be damaged, so hopefully these critters will be allowed to live there in peace.  

I am fascinated by what they are doing and one of these days I will get to see them.  I think I will need to sneak up without dogs, however.  

The otters have moved on.  I think they left the pond within 24 hours of when I discovered them.  We won't know for a while if we still have any fish.  I would think a few might have been overlooked.  

 Sam is building us a sugar shack to enclose our syrup evaporator so that we will be able to sit inside while we cook down sap in just a couple of months.  It's always been under the shelter, but just at the edge so we could have a chimney, and it was ok, but not wind and rainproof.  Having an enclosed shelter will keep us nice and warm.

Here's another view of the pond.  If you look closely you can see the Utica shale drill rig in the center of the photo.  This is the one that is to the south of us and is being drilled under us right now.  There is another one that is to the west which they are done drilling, but it can still be seen from the pond in the winter. 

I have finished my first project on my new loom, and I will post photos next time.  It is a bit different from my rug loom and from the loom I sold, so it has taken a little getting used to, but I do really like it.  I have my rug loom warped and ready to start some new rugs on.  I will be starting on one today.  I have had people come out to the farm the last 2 Saturdays and purchase yarn, which is really nice.  Now if I could only sell a few more rugs.  I love weaving them.  

I used some of my yarn to knit a cowl recently as a sample.   This is natural white and some kettle dyed teal in 3-ply 100% alpaca.  

I likely will not post again until 2015.  On Tuesday, I am flying to Minneapolis and will be picked up at the airport and taken to a Dodge dealership to take possession of our new dual-fuel pick-up truck.  I will then drive home and I hope to stop and see some friends in Indiana and also stop at Mom's in Dayton for a day or 2.  I really hope the weather is good, considering I am flying through Chicago and then driving from Minneapolis.  At least I will have 4 wheel drive. 

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Great Year in 2015!


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